About Our Founder

Rex Lowe is a seasoned veteran of the pallet and logistics industry.  With over 30 years of experience, Lowe has in-depth knowledge around emerging pallet technologies and pallet pooling  …

Our Founder


Rex Lowe


Rex Lowe is a seasoned veteran of the pallet and logistics industry.  With over 30 years of experience, Lowe has in-depth experience focused on emerging pallet technologies, pallet pooling, growing businesses, and developing value-added partnerships with Fortune 500 companies.

Lowe’s pallet career began in 1990 when he joined the US startup team for CHEP, the world’s largest pallet and container pooling company.  Rex moved through several positions of increasing responsibility to eventually become president of CHEP USA in 2000.  In his three years as President, Rex grew US business from $500M to over $1.1B in sales.

Following his time at CHEP, Rex was engaged by Ingvar Kamprad, the founder of IKEA, to form an international logistics company to promote the sale of an groundbreaking plastic pallet shipping platform.  Working with Kamprad, Rex created OptiLogistics, an international company dedicated to the marketing of the OptiLedge, a twin pair “L”-shaped pallet device that allows for the efficient movement of non-conventional sized and shaped products.

In 2006, Rex founded iGPS, the world’s first all-plastic pallet rental pool.  Under Rex’s leadership, within 3 years, iGPS (Intelligent Global Pooling Systems) grew to over 10 million plastic pallets in market, creating over $250M in annual revenue and capturing over 15% market share of the US pallet rental market.  Key clients driving this rapid growth were:  Costco, Walmart, Kroger, PepsiCo, Kraft, General Mills, and SC Johnson.

In 2016, Rex founded GARD Pallets in an effort to enhance the economic value and environmental sustainability of supply chains by combining its proprietary digital logistics and tracking platform with the capital efficiency of a pooling/rental pool.

Only the Best



Less than 10% damage rate in full service



Hermetically sealed pallets protect against bacteria, mold, and other harmful organisms



100% product visibility by utilizing cloud-based computing and non-intrusive data acquisition 



Proprietary pallet-design prevents splintering and nail puncture wounds



100% recycable, made entirely from sustainable tree mills, built to last over a 100-turn life cycle

“We’re going to light up what’s previously been dark, I can totally illuminate a potato coming out of the ground all the way to a french fry going into your mouth.”

Rex Lowe – Gard Founder