The World’s Smartest Pallet

Roughly a century after shipping pallets were invented, GARD introduced a virtually indestructible, lightweight, hygienic and fire-retardant pallet with an embedded tracking chip

The pallet for your product

Shipment Monitoring

Easily trace product from shipment to destination

Shock Measurement

Verify all impacts to your product

Temperature Tracking

Real-time monitoring of temperature sensitive cargo

Humidity Tracking

Real-time monitoring of humidity for quality assurance 

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Proven Customers

“I’ve had the pleasure to work with Rex Lowe for years and GARD is surely an innovator in the supply chain.  The GARD SmartPalletTM is a game changer.  Today there is no way to measure how the product is handled or controlled for temperature, humidity and shock.  With the GARD SmartPalletTM, you have the ability to track and trace your products in real time from the field to the table.  The GARD alert notification platform will notify us of any excursions in temperature, humidity and shock in real time which allows our team to take immediate action to avert any product quality issues.  In addition to the GARD SmartPalletTM technology, we love that their pallet can be cleaned and sanitized between use to insure product and consumer safety.”

-Bob Spence, Vice President at Del Monte Fresh Produce

GARD for Performance

The GARD pallet has consistent, repeatable structural and dimensional integrity that reduces downtime and improves performance in Automated Storage and Retrieval Systems, as well as other automated production and distribution operations. Its tracking chip records everything about the pallet’s trip in real time: temperature, humidity, accidents and location.

GARD for Environment

Sustainability initiatives are imperative in today’s eco-conscious world. We’ve made it a core mission to produce zero landfill materials while creating a pallet that can simultaneously reduce long-term expenses and your carbon footprint. In place of traditional hardwood lumber, our engineered wood comes from sustainable tree mills and allows us to maximize material utilization.

GARD for Safety

With everything a pallet comes into contact with, health and safety become serious concerns. By using a proprietary spray that hermetically seals each pallet surface, we are able to protect against bacteria, mold and other harmful organisms. Combined with active monitoring, you’re able to keep complete track of the shipment’s details at all points during its journey.

GARD for Value


The life expectancy of a wood pallet is 11 turns. We estimate our pallet to exceed 100 turns. Our engineered wood is encapsulated with a polymer coating that makes the wood more durable, easy to clean, and prevents splintering or damage to the pallet itself. This drastically reduces cost-per-turn, while also significantly reducing the disposal rate of your pallet.

We have 30 years of experience in the pallet industry

GARD is a flexible, disruptive, technologically forward supply chain solutions company with the experienced executive team to manage and drive results.  Our founder has been supplying pallets to the biggest names in retail for 30 years and co-founded iGPS, the largest plastic pallet pool in the United States.  

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